Best Seats in the House

At least two or three times during the summer a fan will walk up to the window, turn around and look out at the field, and say, “wow, you’ve got the best seats in the house.”  I have to agree with them 100%.

After working for the Fightin’ Phils for 10 1/2 seasons, I have covered almost every inch of FirstEnergy Stadium.  I’ve logged thousands of steps walking the horseshoe from the deck in left field to the pool in right and back again during my internships.  In concessions, I’ve worked everywhere from the deck in left field to the pizza stand in the main concourse to the grill in the right field plaza.  This year and the past two years I have worked at the top of the main grandstand.  Out of all the locations I have been within the stadium, I have to say my current one has been the best.

The upstairs ice cream stand is located at the top of the main grandstand behind section three.  It is as close to being directly behind home plate as it can be without being situated inside the press box.  The stand is above the last row of seats so there is no concern about people blocking the view – unless it’s raining and everyone crowds under the roof of the grandstand.  The view is perfect for the first few innings of each game.  That’s a slow time for ice cream sales, which means Ariane and I can relax and cheer on the team.  It gets a bit tougher to watch the game starting around the fifth inning because that’s when fans begin to want dessert.

From a working standpoint, being able to see the game has its ups and downs.  It is a major advantage when it comes to keeping track of the time.  Not only can we see the clock in the outfield, but it’s easier to gage the speed of the game and how long we may or may not be selling food.  One downfall to being able to keep track of the time is when the game is moving slowly.  A slow game can make the night seem extremely long; especially if it is a slow night for sales.  The upstairs ice cream stand also supplies a great viewing spot for all the entertainment that takes place before, during, and after each game.  In a minor league park the in-game entertainment is a large part of what draws families to the games and the Fightins do not disappoint.

Our viewpoint also provides the opportunity to get to know a little bit about the team.  When you get to watch the game every night, you eventually learn who all the players are, where they play, and how they are playing throughout the season.  You may never talk to them in person, but you get the sense that you do know them in a way.

All in all, we’ve got a pretty great spot to work and watch the game.  I’m sure that there are some who would say they can find a better seat; they might say that being up behind the seats isn’t as nice as sitting right next to the field or behind the dugout.  In the end, I have watched baseball from every corner of the stadium and I must say, we definitely have the best seats in the house.