Alcohol-Free Yuengling

I don’t know that I have ever disappointed as many people in such a short amount of time as I did this past summer. Now understand, it wasn’t me personally that caused said disappointment, but I was the summer-long bearer of bad news.

Before you keep reading, let me assure you that it was nothing as drastic as the opening of this post may have led you to believe.

Up until the 2016 season, all of the ice cream in the stadium was Green’s Ice Cream. This season, the ice cream stands proudly sported new signage promoting a new brand of everyone’s favorite summer treat. That brand was none other than the ever popular Yuengling.

I know what you’re thinking – Yuengling makes ice cream?!

They sure do, and yes, it is the same Yuengling that makes the beer. Thanks to technology and the wonderful world of Google, Ariane and I did some research and quickly discovered how one top-selling beer distributor became an ice cream maker.

According to their website, Yuengling began selling ice cream during prohibition. The ice cream business was a way to provide financial support for the brewery. It started out as Yuengling’s Ice Cream Corporation and was later renamed Yuengling Dairy Products Corporation after they began selling milk. The company produced ice cream products for 65 years before shutting down the factory. In 2014, Yuengling’s Ice Cream became available once again.

The ice cream is good, but that’s not what caused the disappointment.

The sign on the top of the stand says Yuengling’s in the trademark script and ice cream below in a smaller font. This is where people would get confused and then disappointed. Multiple times throughout the summer, we had customers come up and confidently ask for a Yuengling. The only problem being that they always wanted the refreshing beverage, not the frozen chocolate or vanilla treat.

Now, most of the time they would just walk up and say “I’ll take a Yuengling.” At which point I would automatically respond with “Chocolate, Vanilla, or Black and Tan?” When it finally registered that they wanted a beer and that’s why they were making a weird face at me, I would say, “Oh, it’s Yuengling Ice Cream.”

Most people were good-natured about the mix up and would laugh or apologize before asking where they could purchase a Yuengling beverage. Others would stand there and stare at us like we had each grown a second head. Then of course, there were those few who would actually get mad, as if we purposely used the name of their favorite beer to lure them up to our stand in the hopes that we could trick them into buying our ice cream instead.


The thing is, once you get up to the stand and look inside, there is a sign on the back wall that very clearly says ice cream and beverages then lists flavors and sizes. There is no evidence of beer anywhere in the stand and if we had a refrigerator of beer in the stand, it would be obvious. There were a number of customers who walked up to the window with the intention of ordering a beer, but once they reached the stand they realized that it was ice cream and they went on to find a beer stand without having to ask us first.

Throughout the course of the summer the number of people trying to order beer from us dwindled as fans began to realize that we were now selling Yuengling ice cream as well as the beer. For the first half of the summer though we sure did disappoint quite a few people.

Who would have thought that a brand name could cause so much confusion and disappointment?

Confessional: If you could make any flavor of ice cream, what would it be? or Have you ever tried Yuengling Ice Cream? If so, what flavor(s) have you tried and what did you think?