Telling Time- Baseball Style

The clock doesn’t matter in baseball. Time stands still or moves backwards. Theoretically, one game could go on forever. Some seem to. – Herb Caen

Having spent eight seasons working at a baseball stadium, I have had my share of experiences with doubleheaders.  Playing two games in one day or night can result in a feeling that time has stopped.  The typical set up for a doubleheader is to play two 7-inning games with a break in between in order to get the field prepped and the second set of starting pitchers warmed up.  Going into a doubleheader, there is always the knowledge that it will be a long night of baseball, but also a small spark of hope that it will move quickly.  More often than not, the games go longer than expected.

There is a lost sense of time during a doubleheader due to the 7-inning game set up.  Every employee and fan knows that when the 7th inning rolls around, there are only two innings remaining, as long as the game is not tied.  With a doubleheader ,the 7th inning brings with it a feeling of excitement followed by disappointment when each person realizes there are still 7 more innings to play.  Add in a twenty-thirty minute rain delay and a tie game, and it feels like time has come to a stand still.

In baseball, you will rarely see anyone on the field wearing a watch; they know that looking at the time will not do any good.  Staff members who wear watches tend to get discouraged each time they look at it and some even wish there was a time limit on games.  In the end, time will always take a backseat to the sport of baseball.  To agree with Herb Caen, a doubleheader in baseball can certainly seem to go on forever.

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