Gluttony Night

Glutton: noun  excessive eating and drinking.

Gluttony Night: noun a night of all-you-can-eat concessions starting from the time gates open until the seventh inning stretch of a particular Reading Phillies game.

For the past couple seasons, the Reading Phillies have hosted at least one Gluttony Night during the season; encouraging fans to come out to a game and eat as much food as they can in a few hours time.  For a small dollar amount, fans can purchase a brightly colored wristband that allows them to receive foods from a specified list free of charge each time they get in line.

The length of the event is relatively open-ended.  It begins as soon as the gates open and runs up until the third out is recorded in the top of the seventh.  Any baseball fan knows that there is no time-table on how long a game can take.  One inning can last anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes, depending on how the team is playing.  For those fans waiting in the never-ending lines during Gluttony Night, long innings are something to be excited about.  The longer each inning takes, the more time the fans have to eat as much food as possible.  As soon as the official scorer records the third out in the top of the seventh, Gluttony Night comes to a close.

As someone who has been on both sides of Gluttony Night, I have witnessed both the good and the bad aspects of the event.  It is entertaining to watch how long people will stand in line to receive a single slice of pizza or a scoop of ice cream.  It is not as entertaining to deal with people who don’t understand the one per wristband rule.  I would have to say the most interesting part of the event, no matter what your role may be, is watching and waiting to see how quickly the lines clear up after it is announced that all food must now be paid for.  It is like watching the newest hit toy fly off the shelves during the holidays; five minutes and every last one of them is gone.  If you have yet to experience a Gluttony Night at the Reading Phillies, I suggest you try to make it a summer goal.  It provides an interesting insight into who comes to the ball park for the game and who comes for the food.

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