We Are Family

I think the best part about working in the deck stand was the way we all got along.  It felt more like a family working together than a group of strangers.  Of course, we did have a number of actual relatives working together: my sister and I, our supervisor and her grandson, and two other mother-daughter teams.  We didn’t know each other when we all started working together, but halfway through the summer we had become a close-knit group.

The best part about our group at the deck was the fact that we treated each other like family.  We celebrated a couple of birthdays over the seasons we were together (complete with cake and candles!), more than one graduation card was given out, and we provided support for each other when hardships arose.  A group of us even wanted to pose as grandchildren during Grandparents Day and introduce our supervisor on the field; even though she already had plenty of grandchildren and didn’t need any more.  She treated us like grandchildren, but still kept us in line when she thought we weren’t focused on work.

We even argued like family.  I distinctly remember when one person got so angry, he stormed out of the stand.  In true sibling fashion, we decided to retaliate by hanging his name badge from the ceiling beams of the stand.  Although he was mad, and did not appreciate the fact that he could not reach his name badge, he ended up apologizing and we all laughed about it afterward.

After nearly three seasons together, our group was closer than ever.  We even went out to lunch or dinner on more than one occasion and we became a somewhat exclusive group.  It’s not that we were rude to any new person who may have come in to the stand, but we had the type of relationship that couldn’t be built in one night.

In the end, the group was split up as people left each summer and others were moved to different stands.  Even so, a few of us still talk from time to time and reminisce about the great times we had that can never be replaced.

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