Countdown to Opening Night: #4

4. Stadium Updates

Each offseason America’s Classic Ballpark undergoes physical changes. Some are minor – railings get repainted, broken chairs get fixed – and some are major – the dugout suite was added during the 2015 offseason. The ballpark also undergoes changes to the game day operations, the most notable of which is new menu items available in concessions.

At orientation each year all of the employees learn about what changes were made both around the stadium and to the concessions menu. Even knowing about the changes prior to the beginning of the season, this category makes the countdown because I look forward to seeing how the fans will react to the changes. Will they like the new food items? What do they think about the new seating options? This year some changes have been made to increase safety for the fans and it will be one of the more noticeable changes. Every season there are positive and negative reactions to the changes, but I always like to hear what people think. I’m especially excited this season because one of the changes involves the UIC and a menu change in ice cream last year had some people upset –  who knew people would be upset about us not having Klondike bars that until that moment they never even knew we sold?! I won’t spoil anything here, but maybe after the season has started I will share more about this change.

Tune in tomorrow for Countdown spot #3!

Confessional: Have you ever experienced a major change at work? What was it and was the outcome positive or negative?

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