Countdown to Opening Night: #2

2. Game Entertainment

Each season the Fightin Phils staff pulls out all the stops to provide their fans with the best entertainment they can before, during, and after every game. One thing I am looking forward to this season is what new entertainment they are bringing to their fans and what entertainment will be returning from last season.

One of my favorite parts of the game day entertainment is listening to the different music groups that are brought in to perform during happy hour before each game and on some nights after each game. They range from school choirs and bands to local bands and singing groups of all talent levels. I think that having these groups perform before games provides them with a great opportunity to perform in front of an audience and it introduces baseball fans to different types of music that they may not otherwise experience.

Everyone knows that part of going to a minor league baseball game is experiencing the between innings entertainment. The Fightin Phils have provided more than their fair share of interesting between innings games over the years and each year it is fun to see what new ideas they will come up with. Fans love when free items are thrown into the crowd or when “fans” make fools of themselves performing crazy on field stunts.

Game entertainment makes the #2 spot on the countdown because it is a major part of what the Fightins are all about and they rarely disappoint.

Confessional: What is your favorite in-game entertainment that you have seen at a sporting event?

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