Countdown to Opening Night: #1

Today is the day. It is officially Opening Night 2017 for the Reading Fightin’ Phils and I could not be more excited. Before I get too carried away, let me share with you the number one spot on my countdown.

1. Old Friends

Now I know that this is a topic that has come up in numerous blog posts on this site, but to me it is the one thing that I look forward to more than anything with the start of each new season. The main reason is because the people I see at the stadium every night are people who I do not really see from September to April. This was not entirely the case this year as I worked Christmas at FirstEnergy Stadium and saw some people there, but the majority of the people I will see on Opening Night and after I have not spoken to since the end of last season.

The friends I have made at the stadium are a special group of people. I guess I could be cliché and say that they are more than friends they are family, but that seems a little too sappy for this post. I will just say that being able to connect over a mutual love for a sport can really bring people together; even if you’ve only known them for a couple of years. Seeing these people again just makes the summer that much more exciting. I cannot wait to hear what they have been up to and to talk about the prospects on this year’s team and what we think the outcome of the season will be. What I love the most is that it’s not just the fans that I am excited to see again, but also the coworkers. I enjoy walking past the ushers that I worked with during my internship and saying hi and having them ask me what I am up to these days. It is great walking through the plaza and the concourse and passing everyone and having them say hi and welcome back. That is what makes working at the ballpark so much fun and why I look forward to going back each season.

Well, the countdown has come to an end and as of 5:00 tonight the season will officially be underway. Don’t worry though, the daily blogs are finished for now – I’m pretty proud that I managed to blog all five days – but another season of baseball means more stories for me to share. Be sure to keep up with the posts – there are more confessions coming your way!

Confessional: Do you have a group of friends at a job that you may not see outside of work, but at work you love to talk and spend time together? If you do hang out outside of work, what types of things do you like to do?

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